About me

Everything you want to know about me. Well…. at least almost everything. 

Welcome to the club of “about me” page readers. 

Probably you think I will write a ton about myself here and how great I am in what I do. 

But first let me start with you.

What is you wish? Maybe you realise that you dream of something bigger in vertain areas of your life. Maybe you long for more. More courage, more spark, more creativity, more fun. It might be thta you feel like some of your own magic is still hidden deep inside of you.  And you are looking for ways to start shining brighter and let that spark start to become a wondeful flame. 

And I know, I am deeply convinced, that you, exactly you my dear have what it takes to become just that. A bright flame. It doesn`t matterhow you do it or what it is that makes you shine so bright. Just know that you are capable and that when you do what you do with love and passion, everything can be what it takes to become a sparkling bright star. 

Enjoy everydays breaths, give your body what it needs, fuel your inner child with play. And be there, be fully present in your life and suddenly the world seems like a ball made out of thousands of miracles. 

So, when can we start celebrating life to its fullest?

Anna Kazuha

So now what has this all to do with me?

I am here because I am just on the same path. To start seeing that flame inside of me and accepting that I have those wild dreams that never made “sense” but where there all my life. 

For years I tried to fit into the norm and to adjust to working fulltime in one and the same job. But I realised this just doens`t work for me. I feel much more alive when I switch things up. When I can keep on learning and growing. That`s when I start to blossom. 

I have always had interests in wholistic health and heaing and started my professional journey on this path. I became a trained physiotherapist. Through my own chronic health challenges I started to search for alternative treatments and solutions. Today I know that there is so much more possible than I ever thought. 

Later I started a training in early childcare education, became a loving mom and also discovered network marketing with Ringana. 

So if you are looking for holistic ways to feel healthy, vibrant, loving and successfull I want to welcome you to my blog. 

I am so happy to have you here.

XoXo Anna

What can you find here?

Blogarticles, that come from my hear. Incredibly wonderful and fresh skincare made by Ringana and if you want to the chance to build your own green future. You can read more about Ringana here. 

Last but not least a virtual place that supports your wellbeing and where you can feel welcome, nourished and where you can be yourself.