Do you want to work with me and create some magic?

What you do makes all the difference between a dream and a life come true.

Anna Kazuha work with me

What are you dreaming of?

Are you one of those people that want more from life? Are you sometimes dreaming ofyou want to experience more freedom and have more flexibility in your (working-) day? 

Are you longing for a work, that makes you feel fullfilled and proud and that is meaningfull to you? A job that makes you feel sure, that you can look back at it later with a clean conscience? Because you know that you weren`t just providing for you and your family but also supported the enviroment?

How you can work with me

As I am a fulltime mom right now, the only way to work with me in person is when you chose me as your Mentor for your green Ringana business. 

I will happily support you while you are building your dream life. You will not only get personal support by me but alsohave the opportunity to attend regular online trainings and coachings held by our bigger team. 

As your mentor I am your biggest cheerleader, I am totally unperfect, I am your personal encourage maker and I am a lover of life that will be by your side through all ups and downs. 

Your goals

This really is not about how big your goals are but what feels right for you right now. 

Do you…

  • want to earn a side income with ease and lightness?
  • looking for a a sidejob that you can easily adjust to your own shedule and your familie`s needs?
  • want to add more value and products to your “hands on” service (f.e. when you are a physiotherapist, stylist, massage therapist, hair dresser or healer) that are not directly related to your timetable?
  • want a business that fits into a backpack and can move with you everywhere you go?
  • want to add a sideincome as a student and build your business while you study?
  • crave to build your own team and support others?

It doesn`t matter where you are in life right now. You always have the opportunity to build a more fullfilling and indipendent life for yourself.

Your sustainable network marketing business with ringana

If you want to read more about the sustainable business opportunity with Ringana you can find more information here. 

As Ringana Partners we work individually but support each other in our team. Together we have fun, we grow and we build strong relationships. Because one thing is for sure: When you start network marketing, new friends and personal development are included in the journey :). 

How can you become a Ringana Partner and join my team?

If you are interested andor have questions just send me an email to or text me via Whatsapp/ Telegram to 0049 017687665748. On a Zoom call you can get your questions answered and we both can see if we are a match. 

After that we can make your registration together and you are ready to go.