Ringana - and why I am so amazed by Ringana

Sustainable, vegan, fair and free of unnecessary additives.

“Ringana came to me just in the right moment. I instantly fell in love with the company and couldn`t do anything else but become a partner.”

For a long time I have been interested in organic cosmetics that do without unnecessary additives and perfumes. Due to my own health problems, a few years ago I began to question conventional body care and drugstore items and looked for alternatives. Sometimes I have even boiled soap myself or tried other DIY cosmetics.

But I wasn’t really 100 percent satisfied with it. In 2021 I accidentally got to know my Ringana mentor and the fresh products from Ringana. Within two days I decided to become a Fresh Partner myself, I was so enthusiastic about the products, the company philosophy and the business concept.

Ringana - your sustainable business chance you will absolutely love

“This is your chance to earn money on your own terms and in a fulfilling and sustainable way.”


The Ringana freshness products are sold through independent Ringana freshness partners. You can read more about the business opportunity here directly at the Ringana website.

For me, being a Ringana Fresh Partner means that I can perfectly integrate my joie de vivre, my enthusiasm for health topics and wellness and the joy of networking with others and supporting them into my everyday life as a mom.

I am allowed to develop further, learn new things and I know that I am helping my children and grandchildren to hopefully be able to live healthy on this planet in the future.

If you are interested in the opportunity to become a Ringana partner, send me a non-binding email to mail.anna.kazuha@gmail.com. Then I will give you more information and we can see it this fits to you and your life.

Weitere aktuelle Artikel über Ringana und die Produkte gibt es auch immer hier in meinem Blog in der Kategorie “Ringana Frischekosmetik”. 

Do you want me to become your Ringana Business Mentor?

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