Or do you want more time with your children but work at the same time?

My baby is sleeping peacefully in my arms. but the moment I lay him down he starts to wiggle and is kind of waking up. I try to get him back to sleep, because I want to do some work. And finally drink a tea on my ownđŸ«–.

But he keeps waking up every fiew minutes. This is my live right now but it also was my life in the first year I did b-School. I had so many plans and ideas but time was always an issue and I felt stressed when I had too many appointments, zooms or dead-lines.

That`s when I started too look for ways to work efficiently and succesfully as a mom. I wanted to do work on my own shedule and from home, when my little ones are asleepđŸ’».

I started with automating everything that I could. Had my first online course on udemy, released a print on demand book and ebooks on amazon. The first € were rolling in. “This is working!!” I got so exited. But I still had the problem, that I needed to create content, write and edit the books etc.. I felt like a snale trying to win a dog race. 🐌

One day I met a lady who does network mareting for a company with totally organic, fresh skincare. The company is called RINGANA. As the health geek I am I fell in love at first sight. Even thought I never found network marketing appealing before. But in that moment I found the solution to my problem.

With just a little time and lots of willpower I can not only change my situation for me and my family but also change the world by introducing green bodycare to more and more people.

And I can work from everywhere. I can do business online and offline. I can even do all my work from my phone if I want to. And I get inspired everyday because my team is full of other moms who are rocking itâ€ïžâ€đŸ”„.

I am not a quickly rich girl. But I love what I do and I can see where I am going and I am actively doing something to preserve the enviroment for my children and other generations to come. And as my partner company is at the same time already very successfull in europe but still growing to new countrys I know what opportunities are on my path. Just this year we started in croatia and next year we will open the market in mexico .

If you need someone to mae you hope or to cheer you on, I am here. Right next to my sweet little baby. And If you feel like you want to know more I am always happy to answer your questions😄. Just send me an email to mail.anna.kazuha@gmail.com.

You can find more informations about how to become a ringana partner in this blog article. And more about the company here.

Hi I am Anna, a mom of two, health geek and absolute fan of Ringana.

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