The D-Eat is a complete, calorie reduced meal replacement. It can help you lose weight if you don’t have the time to prepare healthy, low-calorie meals on a regular basis.

The D-Eat is a vegan weightloss shake from Ringana, which is only made from natural ingredients and completely free of artificial flavors and additives such as preservatives.

This has the advantage that it does not burden the body with unnecessary additives and you can prepare the shake according to your taste. I wrote more details about the D-Eat in this blog article.

Personally, I don’t necessarily use the D-Eat to lose weight, but as a healthy snack when I don’t have time to prepare something. I also find it very useful if I need a snack on the go. Afterwards I feel strengthened, fit and can better bridge the time until my next meal.

So you don’t get bored if you want to use the D-Eat regularly, I have a fruity preparation idea for you today. In principle, there are no limits to your imagination. Just make sure that if you actually want to lose weight, you don’t add more than 50 calories to the shake.

Sweet-juicy recipe for ringanas meal replacement


300 ml almond milk (preferably unsweetened)

1 sachet of D-Eat Complete

3-4 tbsp raspberries (you can also use blueberries, strawberries or a berry mix)

possibly a fresh vanilla bean

You will also need a hand blender or stand mixer and, if necessary, a sieve.

If you don’t want any berry seeds in your shake, I recommend that you first puree the berries and then strain them through a sieve. This way the berry seeds get stuck in the sieve and you only have the fruit puree left.

Then mix the D-Eat with the almond milk and the fruit puree either in the Ringana shaker or mix it again with the hand blender. If the fruit seeds don’t bother you, you can puree the meal replacement directly with all the ingredients.

For a vanilla note, you can also add a tiny pinch of vanilla pulp from a vanilla bean to the slimming drink. Of course, there are also vegan milk substitutes that already taste like vanilla. But there are significant differences in quality. Some companies use artificial flavoring or add sugar to the plant-based milk. So make sure that the plant-based milk, if you use a sweetened one, does not have too many calories.

Now all you have to do is pour the shake into a glass (or bottle for on the go) and enjoy. With this recipe, the D-Eat is wonderfully creamy and fruity at the same time.

I really like it this way, especially in the summer.

Are you looking for more recipes and ideas for the D-Eat?

If you need more recipes for the D-Eat you can find some in the ringana blog. Here is one with tomatoe juice and this one is with coffe taste.
You can order the D-Eat and other high-quality food supplements as well as sustainable, fresh cosmetics here in my online shop.

And now I wish you a good appetite and happy shaking.

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