Ringana combines the perfect combination of traditional oil pulling from eastern traditions and teeth brushing

For us folks who are used to dental care with tooth paste it is not clear on first sight, why Ringana offers two dental care products and how to use them correctly. Brushing ones teeth needs to be fast for the majority of us. So why bother with using two products?

Let me explain more and you will see that ist makes total sense to use both of them.

Ringana always takes a holistic view of care, beauty and health and combines Western, Far Eastern and TCM approaches. In addition, all products contain only natural ingredients that have been grown sustainably and organically. Ringana does not add any preservatives to its products so the body is not burdened with unnecessary substances that sink through the skin into the body.

So Ringana combines the best mix of everything when brushing your teeth.

How to apply the tooth oil?

Ringana tooth oil is used as the first step in tooth cleaning, based on traditional oil pulling. Oil pulling is known to be really beneficioal to your overal health, as it helps to detoxify your moth and body. Also your moth gets rid of all the bad bacteria that can grow in your mouth.

Put about 1 tsp of the oil in your mouth and then draw it between your teeth and swirl it around in your mouth. Eucalyptus and mint provide wonderful refreshment and fresh breath.

This oil pulling should be done for at least 3-5 minutes to bind bad bacteria and fully unleash the nourishing and anti-inflammatory effects of the oil.

If you want to achieve a detoxifying effect, you should keep the oil in your mouth for longer (up to 20 minutes). But as this often needs a little training to get used to this, start with 3 minutes and if you want to, you can work your way up to 20 minutes.

Oil pulling is a great way to get your morning chores done. Showering, preparing food, packing snack boxes, meditating, fixing your hair or whatever you do in the morning.

Then after you are done with the oil pulling you spit the oil into a handkerchief (I use my kitchen towel from the night before to save on waste) and put it in the trash can. It is better not to get larger amounts of oil down the drain, not only to avoid clogging and oil residues, but also to avoid unnecessarily polluting the groundwater. So now your mouth is free of bad bacteria and you are done with step one.

How should you use the Ringana tooth balm?

After the oil pulling, you continue with the tooth balm. Put some of it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. The toothpaste contains fluoride and goldenrod extract. Both protect the tooth enamel and thus strengthen the teeth. You can then spit out the balm and rinse your mouth with some water.

If you want to be quick, you can just use the Tooth-Balm. It comes closest to a conventional toothpaste. If possible, it makes sense to use both products together at least once a day.

The nice thing is that the combination of different plant active ingredients not only removes bacteria and strengthens the tooth enamel, but also cares for the gums. This way Inflammation of the gums is prevented. Small cleaning particles also ensure thorough cleaning of the teeth.

Afterwards you feel wonderfully refreshed and thanks to the oil your mouth is wonderfully cared for and the skin inside your mouth feels nice and soft.

How can you order Ringana`s fresh products?

If you now want to try the dental care from Ringana, you will find both products in my partner shop.

You can find the Tooth Balm here and the Tooth Oil here. Of course you can take a look and get inspired by all the other fresh products. You can find them only online as they are all free of presaervatives you only can order them directly from the factory (wich is called the Frischewerk, because everything is made totally fresh).

I wish you a wonderful start to your day and of course healthy teeth too!

* As a Ringana Fresh Partner, I earn a share of all products sold through my shop. Of course, the price for the products always remains the same for you – no matter where you order.

I would be happy to advise you in detail about the products and help you to find the right products and body care for you. Just send me a message or email to mail.anna.kazuha@gmail.com.

You can find more information about Ringana here and in the Ringana blog articles.

Hi, I am Anna. A health geek, blogger, mom of two and also a proud partner of Ringana.

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