Anyone who has known me for a long time (privately or from my previous blog “Histaminelow happy”) may have asked themselves why, in addition to everything else, I have now also become a Ringana freshness partner.

But perhaps you have also stumbled across network marketing or Ringana and are wondering whether this could also be something for you.

Whatever brings you here – I’m happy to tell you how I came to Ringana.

First of all: The biggest reason is probably that I think many of the products are really, really great and I also love the sustainable philosophy of the company. I admire how consistently sustainability and positive ethics are carried out by the company founders. But there are of course other, much more personal reasons.

So I’ll start from the beginning.

I have been self-employed part-time for many years. I love trying out new things and going my own way. I enjoy getting to know myself over and over again and gradually building something up. It’s a bit like when other people play PC games and watch their Sims, Settlers of Catan or Sim City grow ;).

In addition, as a trained physiotherapist and due to my own health problems, a healthy lifestyle has been very important to me. Due to my own allergies, I always had more or less severe skin problems. On the one hand from food and internal processes, but also partly reinforced by care products such as shampoos or the conventional massage oils that I used regularly as a physiotherapist. Many years ago I therefore tried natural cosmetics again and again and switched completely to natural oils. (My very itchy hands covered with water blisters were also a big reason why I gave up my first job).

I also tried many things when it came to hair care and eventually came across natural soaps. I wrote more about this in this blog article (no english version available yet).

After washing my hair with natural soaps, my scalp was finally happy. Then, in 2018, I had the idea of selling natural soaps. However, I then found out that it means a lot of bureaucracy to sell products online (e.g. via Ebay, Amazon and your own shop). In addition, it would have cost a lot to develop a label, set up everything, etc. During the process, I also noticed that I don`t enjoy these more administrative tasks that you have with an online shop . I’m just the creative type, I enjoy writing, dancing and communicating with people more.

On top of that, I was pregnant with my first child and didn’t want to start any too complex activities. In short, I shelved the natural soap project. But then I couldn’t get the natural soaps out of my head.

Being a mother changed my (professional) life significantly

My child was born and I really wanted to combine being a mom with my creative activities. I published my first book, the first online courses and blogged diligently. However, I found that with the little time I had as a full-time mom, I was making very slow progress. Many of my book projects were put on hold, I often made plans to do something but then didn’t make it because… (child slept badly, child was sick, etc.).

That was really frustrating at times. And I still wanted to try out, achieve and offer so many things.

Then one day I exchanged ideas online with other “mompreneurs”, i.e. self-employed mothers. I described my inner turmoil, that on the one hand I wanted to be there for my children, but on the other hand I didn’t seem to get anywhere and many of my ideas were probably utopian at the moment.

One of the mothers then approached me about the opportunities that network marketing could offer. It helped me to see that there were possibilities that I hadn’t previously known and that in the long run it might still be possible to bring it all together.

I was totally fascinated by the thought that it might actually be possible to grow my own business without having to develop products myself for months (writing is fun, but a good book takes months of work and self-publishing also takes a lot Money).

She introduced me to Ringana, her partner company, and I was immediately impressed by the company concept. Cosmetics without preservatives and artificial fragrances. And every product is produced fairly and sustainably from tip to toe. That was exactly what I was always looking for. It took me barely two days to decide. After all, I had nothing to lose.

Becoming a Network Partner for Ringana is totally risk free

Because becoming a partner does not require a lot of bureaucracy or large investments. I tried out the first products and especially the shampoo was love at the first wash. My stressed mommy hair was finally smooth and silky. And that completely without silicones and microplastics (you can read more about the shampoo here but the article is not available in english yet).

And so I became Ringana Fresh Partner without further ado and haven’t regretted it a single day. Aside from earning a commission myself on the products that I and my family use, I now have regular support from experienced partners on my team. Mindset work, advice, support and positive energy are free and an integral part of being a networker.

Such “mastermind” groups and mentoring usually cost a lot of money as a self-employed person. We have that included. You just have to take part and be open to new ideas.

Can you now understand why I became a networker?

This is absolutely not about a lazy system, but about humane and fair cooperation, support and a real, low-risk business. And that too with products that support well-being and health.
I think I found something that suits me well.

If you are now interested and would like to know more about Ringana, you are welcome to send me an email to Then I will send you non-binding information and we can see if it suits us both. Also a very easy way to beaome a partner would be to just sign up as a customer through my shop and then you can klick to become a partner i just a few minutes. Also you can find more information on the ringana website.
I have also described further information about how you can become a Ringana Fresh Partner here.

I’m looking forward to your message.

All the best,


Hi, I am Anna, a health geek and full in love mom. Welcome to my world.

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