“Building something up with Ringana actually sounds really great. But I’m not the type to chat up all my friends. Is it possible to build up a Ringana business in a different way?”

Messages that I keep getting from my blog readers sound something like this.

Many women dream of earning sustainable money and being their own boss. However, this wish is often accompanied by all kinds of fears. Maybe you don’t want to embarrass yourself, you’re concerned about the mountains of paper and administrative hurdles, or you think you probably won’t make it anyway.

And that’s why you don’t know yet whether self-employment as a Ringana partner is right for you. You hesitate, don’t trust yourself or are even afraid that friends and family will call you crazy if you say that you have now joined Ringana.

It’s normal to have fears about things you’ve never done before.

And you know what? Almost all of us have these fears. Me too. Because very few of us grow up in a family in which everyone is successfully self-employed and which always encourages us to trust in ourselves and go our own way.

The principle in my family was that it is important to learn a good job and that safety is extremely important. Nobody taught me how to do bookkeeping, register a business or think entrepreneurship in any way.

And even though I’ve wanted to be self-employed since I started working as a physiotherapist, I’ve always had a lot of respect of it. I was afraid of all the paperwork, of not making it and that it wouldn’t work out.

The fear gets smaller with every step you take

But, you know what? None of these fears could stop me from taking small steps towards independence. I have tried many things part-time and always learned something new. Made experiences. And in fact at the beginning it is not important to know it all. You will keep on learning with every action step that you take.

Your network supports you in your success

But what is much more important is to have people who support you. Who you can contact and ask them all the questions that you have.

For example, when I was working as a dance and Pilates trainer, I had my dance teacher Djamila at my side for many years. She encouraged me to teach dance and supported me. I also had experienced pilates techers at my side in the gymnastics club.

When I was writing my first book in 2019, I was in a course with my author lecturer Lea Korte. She also suppored us with a lot of information and always gave us the right push for our successful author mindset. In other areas, on the other hand, I was missing someone by my side. I could have used some support when setting up the blog and my online courses. So many things took much longer or I made detours that could have been avoided with a mentor.

When I joined Ringana in 2021, I was immediately totally enthusiastic about the team spirit and the support I received from my mentor and other experienced Ringana partners. It’s just so much easier to walk a path when you have support. In addition, it is incredibly motivating to exchange ideas on a regular basis. This makes it much easier for me to stay active and believe in myself and my vision.

In network marketing, everyone can use their strengths

And what is particularly special in network marketing is that everyone can contribute their strengths and experience and thus adapt the business to their own needs. For example, I love blogging and even though it may take a little longer to build up a business online than through personal contacts that you already have, it suits me. And if you now want to know whether I constantly call all my contacts, as it is usual taught in the network industry, I can answer you: No. I don’t call anyone. Actually I am not very fond of making lot`s of phone calls and I certainly don`t call people to tell them that I have something to sell.

Others may be perfectly good at it, but it’s not my thing. But thanks to the internet, it has become much easier to attract the right people to match you and show them your offerings in helpfull ways. As a physical therapist, I’ve learned to make small talk and listen to people. And as an educator, I have further developed my playful, creative side. All of these experiences are helping me now.

Other women might be super organized, bookkeeping specialists, great at prospecting or on the phone. Some are great at taking beautiful photos and stories for Instagram or manage to always bring the conversation to Ringana in everyday life without people even noticing it. Some have worked in sales for years or, through their jobs, know how to draw attention to the quality of Ringana products.

Maybe you don’t know which strenghts you have. It doesn’t matter, because now is the best opportunity to find out. See what you enjoy and where you can inspire other people. And if you join my team, we can also find out your strengths together.

I’m happy to support you with your questions. And believe me, registering a business as a secondary business is not rocket science. You will do it all. You just always need the right information for the next, small step. Ringana supports his partners and I also enjoy it and am happy to pass on all my knowledge to you.

Building up a business is a marathon, not a sprint

Business is not about always being the fastest. Above all, you will be rewarded for persevering. For going on. Take courage, get up again, look for solutions. I am building this blog alongside my maternity leave. With onlyvery few time in the evening. With children who wake up in between, cry, are sick or don’t want to sleep.

I’m building it up without having a huge circle of acquaintances who are self-employed or who support me permanently. Am I always the fastest, best, most perfect? Certainly not. You find tons of spelling mistakes here because my brain is tired from the day and I don’t have the time to revise every blog post five times. There are weeks when I hardly get anything done. But it does not matter. I keep going, full of motivation and knowing that my team is there for me.

You see I’m not Superwoman. I’m just like you. The dream is there and the goal is in sight. And what I can do, you can do too. Believe me. All it takes is that you trust yourself to take the next, the first step.

How you can become a Ringana partner

You have now read this far. And I suspect your stomach is tingling. That it twitches in you and you want to start immediately. Then use this energy, this “yes” that your soul has long spoken. You can either write to me directly at mail.anna.kazuha@gmail.com or read here in this blog article how you can easily become a Ringana Fresh Partner .

I look forward to your message and I’m already so excited. Because I want you to allow yourself to make your dreams come true.

Hi, I`m Anna, a mom of two, naturelover and ringana partner. Welcome to my blog 🙂

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